Simple Future

Future actions are expressed by using the future tense. There are two verbs commonly associated with this tense:

  • will
  • be going to

Is there a difference between the two? Yes, but the difference is not clearly defined.

Simple Future timeline

Simple Future timeline

(a) “will” is used to express promises or guarantees

  1. Don’t worry, I will be on time.
  2. You will receive a salary of $1,600 once you start work.

(b) “going to” is used to express plans

  1. They are going to have a picnic this weekend. – It’s just a plan; it might not happen.
  2. Our neighbour is going to paint her house next year.

(c) “will” and “going to” are used to make predictions

  1. I think it is going to rain in a while. or I think it will rain in a while.
  2. It is going to be a baby boy. or It will be a baby boy.

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