Future Continuous

The future continuous tense expresses two actions that are going to happen later, and there is an interruption. The interrupted action might continue later.

Future Continnuous timeline

Future Continnuous timeline

Interrupted actions in the future

You’re now in school. Ahmad tells you that he plans to visit you later in the evening and he asks if you are free at that time.  So, you can say:

  1. I will be mowing the lawn when you come, so I don’t think that’s a good idea. OR
  2. I’ll be watching “Mission Impossible” when you come. Perhaps we could it watch together.

In Example #1, the sentence means that when you come to my house, you’ll see me mowing the lawn, and I might continue mowing the lawn after seeing you. Take note that you have to use the phrase “will be” for this tense, and the verb that follows must have the “-ing” suffix. Notice that the word “when” is used in both sentences to indicate that an action is interrupted by another action in the future.


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