A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea. Examples of nouns:

  • (person): Peter, Ali, teacher, doctor, minister
  • (animal): fish, dog, pig, goat, spider, insect
  • (place): hotel, restaurant, workshop, garden, city
  • (object): book, hose, pencil, computer, television
  • (abstract): happiness, employment, entertainment, sadness, opportunity

Here are some sentences that make use of nouns:

  1. Peter has a dog that loves to run in the garden.
  2. Many people work in the city because of better opportunities.
  3. Due to a recession, many have to look for employment.

Nouns are further divided into two – common and proper. Common nouns are words that names animate and inanimate objects (e.g.: book, fireman, street). Proper nouns are more “formal” because they need capital letters to name the objects (e.g.: Harry Potter, James, Park Avenue).


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