Quick Essay Writing Tips

In school when your teacher asked you to write an essay, you’d dread writing it because you don’t know how to begin and how to end it. This blog attempts to assist you in the process of writing a good essay. The focus of this blog is on essay writing for university students (which is also applicable to high school students). Here are some tips:

Tip 1

The first thing is you should read and understand the topic that is given to you. At higher levels, you’ll be given a situation or a scenario before the actual topic is revealed at the end.

Tip 2

Prepare an outline. Many students fail to do this. As a result, they will shift focus on some other irrelevant points, thus losing precious marks in the exam. An outline is meant to assist students in organising their essays so that they write within the topic.

Tip 3

If your teacher requires you to write a 5-paragraph essay, make sure that you have five paragraphs – the introduction, 3 body paragraphs and the conclusion. The introduction should begin with a general statement for the topic, more specific statement, and finally the thesis statement.

Tip 4

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence which is derived from the thesis statement. A topic sentence informs the reader what the paragraph is all about. This is then followed by between 2-3 supporting details that should include explanations and examples related to the topic sentence. You must also have a concluding sentence to mark the end of the paragraph. A concluding sentence concludes the paragraph not the essay.

Tip 5

Once you’re done with the introduction and the 3 paragraphs, you need to write a conclusion for the whole essay. A conclusion could be a summary of the points that you have made, an comment or even a suggestion. Don’t repeat word-for-word the points that you made earlier. Instead, restate (in another way) what you have discussed in your essay. This makes a good conclusion.

Tip 6

Check for grammar and spelling errors. Every mark counts. Even if the essay is merely a classroom assignment, take serious note of grammar and spelling. It will do you good.

Tip 7

Don’t be over confident. One of my students got a mere “C” grade in the exam because the points he wrote were out of focus. His language proficiency is very good, so it’s a sheer waste. He was the first to leave the exam hall in the exam with a broad smile on his face.  So the more you think you’re good, the higher the possibility of making silly mistakes.

Tip 8

Use cohesive devices in your essay. Words like however, on the contrary, as a result and so on are cohesive devices that are used to show a smooth flow of thought from one sentence to another. Without these cohesive devices, your sentences would appear to be chunky.


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