This word is an adjective. “Inscrutable” describes a situation where you’re unable to scrutinize, investigate or analyse that situation. If this word is used to describe a person, it means that it’s hard – or even impossible – to understand that person’s reaction.

Inscrutable” is normally used with the word “smile” and “expression“:


  • I don’t know if she feels anything, and her inscrutable smile doesn’t tell me anything either.
  • After listening to all our comments, our manager showed an inscrutable gesture.
  • The inscrutable depth of the ocean poses a danger to inexperienced swimmers.

I believe “inscrutable” comes from the word “scrutinize“. You might want to look up its origin.


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  1. The word “inscrutable” is very difficult to understand. Inscrutable word. :p

    • 😀 Thanks, Rose for the feedback. Well, just remember this: “Inscrutable” means “impossible to analyse”. For instance, you look at a person’s face and there’s no expression after you’ve told her a piece of news. She keeps quiet. What’s that suppose to tell you? If she laughs, at least you know she finds the news humourous. So, her quiet action is inscrutable.

      Still don’t understand? Never mind – because we don’t use it. My friend did 🙂

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