Daily Archives: October 21, 2009

Horn That Bugger!!

How many times have you heard someone swearing at a rude driver who had just overtaken your car? Do you hear your passenger say something like: “Horn that bugger, la!!!” to you – and then you’d hear a loud continuous blare coming out from the car? I think you have experienced this before 🙂

Anger aside, the word “horn” is inappropriate in this context. It’s supposed to be “honk“. So, what’s the difference? Both appear to have the same function, but they’re absolutely not.

horn (n.) and honk (v.)

Horn” refers to the device (not the action) on the steering wheel of your car that is used to scare chickens away or to tell someone to get out of the way. The horn is a replacement for your voice – your anger. “Honk“, however, is the loud sound made by the horn (of a car), or the sound of certain animals like the geese.


  • You need to replace the horn as the sound is weak.
  • Honk at that cow before it crosses the road and blocks your way!

Take note:
This same word also means the pointed, curved part of an animal that grows on the head. However, you cannot say that “The goat is a horny animal.” just because it has two horns. 😀 Horny means sexual excitement or attraction.