Daily Archives: October 23, 2009

What's in a name?

Do names mean anything to us? Judging by the way job titles are named – or shall I say, renamed – nowadays, it’s evident that giving appropriate names to match the job really matters.

I guess people are more conscious about their jobs and the positions which they hold whether it’s an executive or a non-executive position. Furthermore, as time passes, their job titles need a boost too to keep up with the times.

Let’s take a look at the Job Title Evolution:

  • housewife – domestic engineer
  • janitor – floor engineer
  • garbage collector – sanitary worker
  • postman – mail carrier (esp. in U.S.)
  • general clerk – administrative officer (esp. in Malaysia)
  • doctor – medical consultant

What else is in store? Well, here are my own versions of what we might be applying for in the future:

  • teacher – education consultant
  • lecturer – tertiary consultant
  • tour guide – travel consultant
  • soldier – military personnel
  • professor – academic scholar
  • police officer – crime buster
  • news reader – information provider
  • pilot – aircraft navigator
  • taxi driver – passenger consultant
  • construction worker – construction architects

Is there anything else that you’d like to add to this endless list? 🙂