A gerund is a special noun. It is a verb that has been transformed into a noun by adding the “-ing” suffix.

Using gerunds in a sentence:

(a) as a Subject

  • Swimming is my favourite past time.
  • I find that reading and writing are difficult language skills to master.

(b) as a Complement

  • My favourite past time is swimming.
  • The most difficult skills to learn are reading and writing.

(c) as an Object

  • Mary loves drinking hot chocolate with her boyfriend.
  • My students dislike watching romantic movies.

(d) with articles and adjectives

  • The (art.) actual (adj.) making of the movie will be shown on TV.
  • The (art.) strange (adj.) writing on the wall is a mystery.

So, a gerund is a verbot that deceptively transforms into a nounbot to confuse our fellow humans. If you haven’t been watching “Transformers“, you obviously wouldn’t understand. 😀


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