Some Time

I’ve seen sentences in which the adverb “sometimes” is not correctly used in the sentence. “Sometimes” could never be separated, and MUST always be spelt with an “-s“. So, it is not correct to say:

  • Sometime I come home late; sometime I come home early. (X)
    Sometimes, I come home late; sometimes I come home early. (√)
  • We visit our relatives in Singapore, sometime. (X)
    We visit our relatives in Singapore, sometimes. (√)

However, it is correct to say: “some time” – notice that the words are separated. This gives a different meaning. “Some” is an adjective, while “time” is a noun. So, “some time” means “a bit of time“.

How do you use “some time” correctly? Remember that the focus here is “time“. How much time? “Some” time.


  • For some time, he has not been calling me out for a drink.
  • The car technician needs some time to fix your car.

I believe that now, you’re able to see the difference between “sometimes” and “some time“. You’ll get used to it with some practice.


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  1. Yes, thanks for the explanation. It is simple but like you said, sometimes we tend to overlook those words and use them wrongly. It is not easy to learn written English. That person may be good in speaking, but when comes to writing, they are really bad.

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