Extreme Sports

Who would think that sports could also be part of the English language? The dictionary defines “sport” as a physical game, competition or activity to keep healthy or for enjoyment. Well, with new types of sports gaining popularity, there must be new words to describe these sports, right?

Here are the names of some competitive and non-competitive extreme sports:


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  1. none of the above are my type of sports.. 🙂 anyway, thanks for sharing what extreme sports is..

  2. Have tried motor cross and kayaking (non competitive) and not the rest. Have done abseiling in Outward Bound School , wow love it so much guess it’s not the same as spelunking no doubt it involves ropes and height? BTW read an article when you spell “kayak” backwards its “kayak”. 😛

  3. I’ve only tried kayaking. Been to OBS too. Thank goodness I survived!

  4. Thanks so glad picked up a new word today – “palindromes”.

  5. great post I love soccer very much and play this game by very interest of mine always …… cool pics too man ….

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