More Punctuations

This will be my second posting on punctuation. Read the earlier one here.  The first posting shows the importance of correctly positioning or inserting punctuation marks in sentences to avoid confusion and misinterpretations. In this blog, we’re going to look at four more punctuation marks:

  • colon :
  • semi-colon ;
  • exclamation !
  • quotation ” “

(a) The colon

Use the colon when you want to make a list.


  • Please bring the following to the camp:
    • torchlight
    • mosquito repellent
    • first-aid kit

 (b) The semi-colon

Use the semi-colon to separate groups.


  • There are guests from Qingtao, China; Naples, Italy; Chiangmai, Thailand; and Melaka, Malaysia.

You may also use the semi-colon to separate closely related sentences.


  • I’ve never been to Singapore; I dislike travelling.

 (c) The exclamation mark

Use an exclamation mark (or exclamation point) at the end of a word or sentence to show strong emotions and to command.


  • Help! I’ve been robbed! (distress)
  • Ouch! Watch where you’re going. (pain)
  • I don’t want to see you ever again! (anger)
  • Oprah is coming to interview me! (excitement)
  • Rover, come! (command)

The words in blue indicate the functions of the exclamation mark for each sentence. Do you say, “Fire.” or “Fire!” or “Fire?” when your house is about to be burnt to ashes? 😀

(d) Quotation marks

Use quotation marks to name titles and literary works within a sentence.


  • “Tom Sawyer” is a book written by Mark Twain.
  • The last two movies I saw were “Transformers” and “Harry Potter”.

Use quotation marks when you’re quoting a person’s speech in a sentence.


  • Shakespeare once said, “To be or not to be” in his play.
  • According to the Prime Minister, “no one is above the law.”

Let’s have some “fun” with punctuation marks. Do these make sense? How would you interprete them? Have fun 😀

  • Fire? 
  • You have to come, huh!
  • Wait for me.
  • Wait for me!
  • Wait, for me.
  • Oh, my love!
  • Oh, my love?
  • Oh my, love.

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  1. Fire? – (Question) I smelled smoke is there a fire?
    You have to come, huh! – (Disappointment) Not welcome to join in the group.
    Wait for me – (Remark)
    Wait for me! – (Command)
    Wait, for me – (Request)
    Oh, my love! – (Excitement)
    Oh, my love? – (Surprised)
    Oh my, love – (Very ‘lam’ romantic)haha.

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