"Amount of" or "number of"

Both phrases are used in describing the quantity of something.

Let’s get straight to the point. Use “amount of” followed by an uncountable noun, and “number of” with a countable noun.


(a) amount of

  • money
  • water
  • time
  • interest
  • information
  1. We have to acknowledge that the amount of false information on the Internet has caused lots of problems.
  2. The amount of time spent on playing should be spent on studying instead.

(b) number of

  • people
  • times
  • words
  • issues
  • episodes
  1. I’ve asked a number of people about it, but no one seems to know what had occurred.
  2. They’ve been to Malaysia a number of times, so they’re familiar with some places on interest.

When you use “number of“, the nouns are always in the plural form.


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  1. Hi Kevin
    Very interestingly we were talking about money a couple of days ago and had some ‘challenges’ on the spelling in plural form. One said its “monies” and the other insisted “moneys”. RM18 million oh gosh ~ monie$, money$, or money add more confusion with ‘number’ or ‘amount’? Perhaps we need your words of wisdom again. TQ:p

  2. Hi Kevin
    Guess the three [money] is correct but which [money] should be the most ideal for this example? Has it got to do with American or English spelling that caused this ‘confusion’?

    “This lucky person is planning to keep all his (money|moneys|monies) in Kevin Bank Bhd.”

    Thanks & have a nice weekend.

    • β€œThis lucky person is planning to keep all his money in Kevin Bank Bhd.”

      My explanation is: Since it’s something personal, we use “money”. It’s not like I’m getting funds from other companies. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks! BTW what is the current interest rate Kevin Bank Bhd is offering? lol

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