Monies anyone?

Those of you who have paid attention in grammar class know that “money” is an uncountable noun. It cannot be pluralised. However, in some instances, you might have come across the word “monies“. How is that possible?

Well, “monies” is not the plural for “money“, though related to it.

money (n.) = the coins and notes that we use for buying things, or a sum that we receive for our goods and services

monies (n.) = the amounts of money received from various sources to help an organisation finance a project


  1. A million dollars is not a lot of money nowadays.
  2. The monies received (from various establishments) will be channelled to different departments fairly.

Take note that “monies” is generally used in business and finance. Here are some other nouns that share similar anomalies.

  • water – waters
  • food – foods
  • work – works

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  1. Wow I learned new thing!

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