More leaks!

I blogged about the rainy weather the other day and showed you the difference between rainy and raining. When it rains, what we worry most is the drops of water on our head in the bedroom. Then, someone is going to say:

  • “Oh my god, the roof is leaking again.”

Is it correct to say “leaking” in that sentence? Can a roof actually leak or are we talking about the condition of the cracked tiles on the roof that causes rain water to seep through?

  • leaky (adj.) = to describe something that has a hole or a crack so that liquid could get through
  • leaking (v.) = comes from the word “leak”, which means liquid or gas that escapes from a contained area like roof, glass, pipe etc.


  1. Get the plumber, as the tap is leaky. (โˆš)
    Get the plumber, as the tap is leaking. (X)
  2. We need to fix that leaky roof immediately. (โˆš)
    We need to fix that leaking roof immediately. (X)

However, it is correct if you say:

  1. Get the plumber, as water is leaking out of the tap.
  2. Water is leaking from the roof, so we need to fix that immediately.

Notice the use of “out of” and “from” after the word “leaking“.ย  So, people, watch what you say and how you use the word “leak”. Are you leaking? ๐Ÿ˜€


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  1. Oh dear!! Now you remind me something. My bedroom ceiling has a big hole due to water seeping from the roof. Need to get people to do something about it, as it is rainy season.

  2. Sir any got any leaky exam papers ah?

  3. Great! Thanks for the leaky word which is a very common leaking mistake. Excuse me I’ll be back for more I’ve gotta take a leak. :p

  4. Kevin
    Thanks for sharing the longest word in English which I have posted in my blog with a link to your website. My sincere thanks for all the interesting and beneficial lessons. Cheers เด•

    English Is Hard”

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