"save" vs. "safe"

This is an interesting one. We know what we’re saying, yet when we write, we get both words mixed up. In fact, there shouldn’t be a confusion because the words are not even homophones. They are pronounced a little differently. One is spelt with a “v” and the other with an “f “.

  • save (v.)to keep (there are other meanings as well)
  • safe (adj.)not in danger, protected


  • I had to safe myself because the fire could not be extinguished. (X)
    I had to save myself because the fire could not be extinguished. (√)
  • They are now save from the horrible weather. (X)
    They are now safe from the horrible weather. (√)

Now that you know the difference, make sure you save your money in a safe place. Make sure you know how to spell the word correctly. Often what you speak is not what you write. Isn’t English interesting? 😛


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  1. Very interesting thanks for the save & we are safe now. Since on the same subject you don’t mind I expand slightly. Please help us out as this is confuses me all the time when referring to saving your savings in the bank. Which is correct “SAVING” accounts or “SAVINGS” accounts? Gotta go Sir, saved by the bell its dinner time. TQVM.

    • Hi Bananaz…

      1. Keep your savings in a savings account.
      2. You’ve done a good job saving your money there. 😀

      A savings account is an account where you keep your money and earn interest from that. Take note that there’s no “-s” after “account” unless you are referring to more than one account.

  2. I do noticed some people confused between those two uses and misuses in written English. ….The other confused words include “principal vs principle”, “live vs life” etc

    Alright, need to go. Will visit you soon, Kev. I need to turn off my pc to “safe mode”.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Kevin
    Thanks! Wishing You a Blessed Xmas & A Happy New Year.

  4. Many saving accounts are not safe !!

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