Donation: Voluntary?

donationI was walking along the street on Wesak Day, and I found this message: “Donations are voluntary” written on a box (pic.), and that started me to think – are donations not meant to be “voluntary” i.e. given from the bottom of our hearts? 

I mean, since when has donation become compulsory? Perhaps we are confused with the word “tithe“. To Muslims, they have to pay tithes – a sum of money paid to help those in need. Even some Christian sects require their congregation to give a small sum of their annual income as tax to the church, and this amount will be used for charity or to fund certain religious events.


  • tithe is compulsory, and is given on a regular basis
  • donation is not compulsory, and any amount is acceptable

What if you see this: “Please donate a minimum amount of $5.” – I believe you have 😛


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  1. Good site and interesting to read ..
    Yes, that word “voluntary”
    Once one senior unionist argued with me that to him “voluntary’ means a minimum payt. As he wished someone to contribute voluntary but with a scale of RM20/- as a minimum but I argued that it is just a fREEwill, does, I cannot force my member to contribute whatever amount but accept as what they give…

  2. Thanks for the comment. Indeed, many are confused with the word “donation”. A minimum amount is not considered a donation. Worse still they might even insist that you pay up no matter what the amount it.

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