"bienniel" vs. "biannual"

Here is another pair of words that looks the same but each has its own meaning. 😛

  • bienniel – once every two years
  • biannual – twice a year

If you want to say that your organisation conducts financial reports twice a year, then you’ll say: “…biannual financial report

On the other hand, if you report only once every two years, then you say: “… bienniel financial report” – err, is there anything to hide? 🙂 Why not report annually?


“We can’t afford to have a biannual event, so let’s just have a bienniel one.”


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  1. “Sorry we can’t afford biannual or even bienniel event else our company will go bankrupt, can only have it once in a decade”. BTW sifu what is the correct term we should use as some say “Commissioner for Oath” and also some say “Commissioner of Oath”? Are both the same if not which is correct? tQ.

    • I’ve checked it out, and apparently, both are correct. I don’t have an explanation for that, but if someone does, or could give another example, that would be great 🙂

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