Follow Me

We sometimes need to get a ride from a friend to get to work or to do some shopping. A very common way of saying it is: “I’ll follow you to the mall.” – though many of us understand this statement perfectly, it is incorrect.

  • follow me – you’re behind me; I’m in front
  • come with me – you and I go (somewhere) together

In terms of distance, “follow me” is much further. You could be miles apart, yet you’re still following. Do you remember DIGI’s advertisement jingle? It says “I will follow you” – this is correct. It will “cling” to you no matter how far apart you are.

When you use “come with me”, the distance between you and your friend is just a few inches or feet (but not miles). Therefore, if you want to hop into your friend’s car, you say “I’ll come with you.”

See the difference here:

  • You’ll come with you in my car.
  • You’ll follow me in your car.

So when you say “I’ll follow you“, it merely means you’re driving your own car and you’ll be trailing your friend.

“I’ll follow you since you’ll be driving alone.” – means that there are two cars, and you’ll be driving behind the first car. It doesn’t mean you’re the passenger. 🙂



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  1. Haha exactly my Aussie friend was scratching his head when I said “I’ll follow you to the wedding” He was huh!!! “How to follow me when you don’t have a car”.

    Perhaps would request sifu to clarify “Pick” and ‘Pluck” fruits as we always made our Aussie friends shake heads with our ‘pluck’ fruits. tQ.

    • That’s a good one – a real life example. 🙂 Glad to know my blog helps. OK i’ll see to it that “pick” and “pluck” are included in my one of my future posts.

      TQ for the input.

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