Why I’m Doing This

The English Language has evolved since it began some time in the 5th century circa 450AD. Since then, there have been many structural as well as lexical improvements. In fact, the change is never-ending. The existence of English language varieties makes learning this language even more difficult for non-native speakers. This blog aims to provide some help in learning the English language. It is targeted not only at learners of English but also language teachers and enthusiasts.

Furthermore, in order to learn well, it’s good to share.  The comments that visitors write to exchange ideas add more resources into existing ones.  It makes every teacher a better teacher and every learner a better one, ultimately.

What You Could Do With This Blog

  • share contents with others by registering and be a user
  • use the articles in class if you’re a teacher
  • write comments in blogs
  • subscribe to this blog to receive updates

About Me:

I’ve been in the academic world for over 20 years as a school teacher, computer trainer, educational consultant, language instructor and finally assistant lecturer, my present position.  You are welcomed to give comments or just to say hello.  Send your messages to my e-mail address.

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