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Intonation in Speech

Has anyone reprimanded you for speaking like a robot? If they did, then it means your voice is flat without any ups and downs as you speak. In other words, there’s no intonation in your speech. Intonation is a crucial part of communication, regardless of any language that you speak in. Watch this video and learn the importance of intonation.


Body Language

We use body language all the time. In fact, body language is universal. No matter what language you speak, the body language doesn’t change. Whether you’re happy in Mandarin, Tamil, Japanese, Thai or English, you smile and anyone who speaks these languages understands you. That’s the beauty of body language. It conveys a universal message without having to speak. Check out this video and have fun with body language.

Words: US English vs. UK English

You’ve probably already read my post on “American or British English“. I’ve also written another post entitled “Different yet Similar” that entails the differences in US and UK English in terms of the words used. In this new post, I’d like to show you a video to follow up on the second topic. This video-cum-picture lesson is in UK English; take note that the speaker is a little fast, so pay careful attention.

Tell a Story

Listen to this story carefully and then answer the questions that follow. If you need the answers, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail 🙂

Here are the questions:

  1. Compare the first young man with the second one in terms of their attitudes towards the old man.
  2. How did the man’s mother react when she saw him on television?
  3. In your opinion, why did the TV station record the incident?
  4. Why did the young man hesitate to answer the telephone when it rang?

What do these phrases mean?

  1. in the gutter (1:22)
  2. sympathetic gaze (1:39)
  3. some loose change (1:45)

About Food

If you think that learning about food is only for kids, think again. Watch this 33-minute video and you’ll be amazed at the amount information that you could get. Take note that this is an English lesson but you’ll also  learn a bit of Science and Health. Watch how sentences and words are used as you enjoy the video. You’ll learn some new words too 🙂

There’s an error at 15:44, the word “desert” should be spelt as “dessert”.

Learn Phonetics

If you have a printed dictionary, you’ll notice that beside every word, there are weird symbols. Those symbols represent sounds in the English language. The study of speech sounds is called phonetics. By knowing a little about phonetics, you’ll be able to pronounce those symbols correctly, thus pronouncing the words correctly too. In this video, Mr. Duncan, the teacher, will tell you a bit about phonetics. Listen and watch how the teacher in this video pronounces each symbol.

Learning a Second Language

Watch this short video clip and tell me what you think 😀 To ensure smooth viewing, let the clip download completely first. Enjoy!

Songs to Learn English

Everyone likes to sing regardless of age or voice quality. 😛 Anyway, songs could be used to learn English too. The song that you’re going to learn now is called “Annie’s Song” by the late John Denver. The teacher in the video sings the song and tells you about rhythm and stress. Ignore his voice 🙂 He also tells you that the song arouses your 5 senses. The video clip for the actual song is at the bottom of the teacher’s video clip. Enjoy!


Have you had problems with pronouncing letters in the alphabet? Well, a tongue-twister could help you. It’s fun, it’s funny, and most importantly, it helps you learn to pronounce. Watch, listen and follow:

Punctuation Marks

Many students ignore the correct usage of punctuation marks; some even believe that these marks should not be taught as it is a waste of time. Watch this video, and hopefully you’ll then see how significant a punctuation lesson is especially in writing.