I believe that at one point or another, your emotion gets over you and you wish you had an avenue to share your joys, express your sorrows or throw your tantrums. This is where poetry comes into play. Poetry comes from the Greek word, poieo, which means “I create“. It  is a literary genre in which words are written in stanzas or verses. Poets write poems for various reasons, not merely to express their love – which I find it to be stereotypical – but also their thoughts and feelings on life, world and even national issues.

The best part about writing a poem is that you do not have to follow the rules of grammar. Poets have what we call the “poetic license” to break the rules. By breaking the rules, and by adding literary elements and literary devices into their poems, poets will be able to be far more expressive, and their poems would give a stronger impact to the reader.

Topics covered include:


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