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Very Complicated English

Ask any student and they’ll testify that English is a very difficult language to learn. Why not? Firstly, words are not spoken as they are spelt. Secondly, there are just too many rules and exceptions. Pronouncing words itself is a chore.

Let’s look at words that confuse us. The following words are adjectives but are used differently.

confused (adj.) and confusing (adj.)

Confused” means you don’t know what’s happening. “Confusing” means making things more difficult for others to understand.


  • A survey showed that many people are confused about the new education policy. ( = people are not sure what’s happening)
  • The media is making a lot of confusing statements with regard to the new policy. ( =  saying something to make things more difficult to understand)

Generally, only people can be confused. Therefore, you cannot say “confused statements” or “confused action“.

interested (adj.) and interesting (adj.)

Interested” means that you’re keen about something or someone, and want to know more. On the other hand, “interesting” means something or someone keeps your attention because they’re nice, exciting etc.


  • I’m interested in getting to know that girl. ( = I’m attracted to her, and I want to know more about her.)
  • I’ve bought an interesting book. I’ve read it twice already. (= I’m attracted by that book because it’s so exciting.)
  • Joe’s interested to find out why that book is so interesting.

Remember this: When you say that you’re interested, it means you want to know further about something or someone.

bored (adj.) and boring (adj.)

Bored” is the feeling of not being interested, or not having anything to do. “Boring” simply means not interesting.


  • If you’re bored, you could hang out with me. ( = nothing to do)
  • I’m bored with this lecture as I’ve already studied this topic. ( = the feeling of not being interested )
  • He’s such a boring person because he doesn’t tell jokes. ( = not interesting)

Remember this: Bored is associated with the actual feeling. That’s why we say “I feel bored“, notI feel boring.”  In addition, do not to say: “I’m boring.” because if you do, you’ll not have many friends 😀

complicating (adj.) and complicated (adj.)

Both words mean “to make it more difficult to deal with or understand


  • You’re making your life more complicated by doing multiple jobs.

So, there. This post proves that English is both confusing and complicated, and it makes every non-native English speaker confused. No wonder students find English boring and they get bored easily in English classes.