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“patient” vs. “patience”

I was in the elevator this morning when I heard someone say this, pertaining to the slowness of the elevator:

  • You must have patient.” (X)

Well, the thing is, he was not in the hospital when he said that. He was merely telling his friend to “be calm and wait”.

  • patient (n.) – a person who is receiving medical care in a hospital or clinic
  • patient (adj.) – be calm and without complaining
  • patience (n.)  – the quality of being patient

Since the above speech refers to a person’s “quality” because of the word “have”, a noun must be used instead.

  • You must have patience.” (√)

Compare with this:

  • You must be patient.” (√)

In general, you could say that a noun is used after “has/have”:


  • … has intelligence
  • … has beauty