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The Special Word

The word “special” is really unique. It could come in various forms, and are used differently to mean different things. What’s the difference between the two sentences below?

  1. I’ve made this greeting card specially for you.
  2. I love your greeting cards, especially this one.

specially vs. especially

  • specially (adv.) means “very” and “for one purpose
  • especially (adv.)  means “particularly” or “mainly


  1. I specially like your ponytail.
  2. I made this craft specially for you.
  3. I rains heavily, especially in October.
  4. John plays lots of computer games, especially adventure games.

specialization vs.  speciality (US: specialty)

  • specialization (n.) means “knowing a lot about something
  • speciality (n.) means “distinct”, “novelty


  1. Teaching how to use multimedia in the learning process is his specialization.
  2. Cardiology is not his specialization; he specializes in oncology.
  3. The local speciality is mat-weaving.
  4. The menu says that today’s speciality is pumpkin soup.